Saturday, June 28, 2008

'Little trip to US - Part III Page Arizona

Hi all,

Really don't like to write about something already old, but I think it's a good exercise to not forget the places that I visited!

After the wonderful Monument Valley, I continued my trip to Page, Arizona. The idea was to visit the incredible Antelope Canyon. I decided go there because when I saw the photos in Internet I said to myself that I must go to this place.

Let me write something first about my arrival in Page. For this tri I really planned activities for all day long and I remember when I arrived in Page, at 9:00pm after drive many miles, I thought that at least in a bigger city I will find some place to eat.

I was wrong for my desperation... After cross all downtown I didn't find any place opened... And I had to eat something in the snack machine in the Hotel... Anyway...

In the next day I did the famous excursion to a Slot Canyon called Antelope.

The tours are organized by agencies in downtown. I was undecided to what would be the best hour to visit it. And after thinking, talk with persons, I decided to do the tour of 11:30, where the sun produces incredible beams.

The only problem is that is almost impossible not to stay stressed in this beautiful place, because there are many, many, many people in a small area. And everyone want's to photograph, everyone wants to be in front of all to see the beams. It was very stressing but, in the second time that I entered I could photograph in a decent way. I really suggest people to use a camera where is possible to configure ISO. To photograph with a tripod is terrible, you don't have time to mount it because there are many groups and you have to move fast.

I was lucky with my camera, because I could get discreet photos without tripod.



You could see in my album more photos.

After the Antelope Canyon, I visited a view point of the Lake Powell Dam, very impressive.

To finish this small blog some word to a place where I could see how the nature is fantastic: Horseshoe Bend, where the Colorado river makes a incredible curve in a neck form, just being there to feel the magic of this place!


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