Saturday, June 14, 2008

'Little' trip to US - Part II Monument Valley

Let me continue relating my trip to the US last month.

The Monument Valley is famous for the movies directed by John Ford. And arriving there by the road is very impressive. I think that no photo could express how the place is. I'm not exaggerating, I'm very critical about the beauty of the places.


I arrived with the fixed idea to do a horseback trip to feel better the place, of course visiting the park inside a car, with the stop and go formula is not very interesting...

Well, at the beginning was not easy to find how to do this and almost I did a organized tour by car. When you arrived in the zone there's two directions to follow:

1 - Follow to the park entrance

2 - Go to a hotel restaurant to eat something and to get some information.

I chose the second and there was a interesting tour, but I have enough time to search the horseback tour. After eat in the restaurant (the personal was Navajo) I found a place to 'rent' a horse, but too much expensive... And then I decided to go to the park. And inside they organize horseback tour for a honest price.

And then I 'kill' my curiosity. Of course it was a very nice trip, although the Navajo guide was not so 'friendly'. Of course we are in the 21th century and it's difficult to feel like in a John Ford's movie.

The Monument Valley is a closed park managed by the Navajo Nation. There's a road (not asphalted) with 11 stops to see the panorama. After the horseback tour I took the car and did the signed road, and it was a fantastic tour, because is was sunset time.

After finish Monument Valley I follow to Page, my next stop in this trip, to see the marvelous Antelope Canyon.

See you in the next blog! 

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