Monday, May 14, 2007

Helsinki - Baltic trip part III (last)

The last part of the Baltic trip: Helsinki

I don’t have too much to tell you about Helsinki because we stayed in Helsinki just for two days, unfortunately.

And for sure I would like to stay there more time. I think that someone knows this J

Let me talk about my impressions of the city.

Helsinki is a very organized city, it was my first time in a Nordic country and it was how I expected.

We arrived there in a Sunday afternoon after one and a half hour in a ferry from Tallinn.

To find the tourist office we stopped in an ice cream’s kiosk and asked the girl the directions. And I noticed a very interesting Finnish’s women characteristic: the impressive light eyes, it’s impossible not to get hypnotized by them J.

After the arrival in the hotel we decided to go to a walking in the city.

We saw the main attractions in downtown (like the Senate Square, the Cathedral, the port, the train station…) and after we decided to eat something...

The first problem that we found: many restaurants are closed or close very early on Sundays….

After walk a lot we decided to go in a Doner Kebab. But the place was very depressing. It was funny, because we saw two Spanish guys in the same situation and they also decided to go way from that place. After walking a little bit more, and realize that also Mc’Donalds was closed (at 22:00…) we decided come back and eat in the Donner Kebab…

And, who we found there? The same two Spaninsh guys J.

Fortunately, in that Sunday not all things were bad, I have to say that we knew very nice people later. Please, I beg you to not interpret this with malice J.

In the next day we tried to do the famous Finnish sauna… But I think that the luck was not with us…

We went to a place indicated by the tourist office and for our surprise when we arrived there (it was not near the city center) the sauna was closed because it was holyday in Finland (see Vappu comments)… Then we decided to go to a sauna bar indicated in a city guide (in theory always opened). After walking a lot we found the place… But something was written there:

'Disco Bar
Los Hombres
It’s so gay'

I said to my friend, which didn’t see the last phrase:

- ‘Look, there’s something strange in this place, did you noticed the last phrase?’

- ‘No, what phrase?’

- ‘It’s so gay’ …

- ‘Are you thinking that it’s a place for gays? But in the guide is written that is a sauna bar…’

- ‘I don’t know about what it’s in the guide, I just know what I’m reading in the wall!!!’

- ‘Ok, I’m coming in to check!’

- ‘I prefer to wait here…’

 After 5 minutes…

- ‘You were right, this place is for gays, and the guy said that the sauna bar is not working any longer….’

- ‘Ok, let’s come back to the hotel, it seems that also today is not a lucky day …’

After a pause in the hotel we came back downtown to the Vappu party. It’s a student celebration that also coincides (29 April and first of May) with the beginning of the spring.

In these days people go out to the streets drinking wine and other alcoholics to have fun.

For me it was a very curious and strange to see a lot of people drunk in the streets!!

And then in the next day the hard thing: the holiday end… Back to Rome!

Well, I think it was a very nice experience, see you in the next blog

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