Thursday, May 10, 2007

Estonia - Baltic trip part II

Here we are for the second part of the ‘famous’ trip to the baltic region J
After left Riga our destination was Parnu, in Estonia coast.
Unfortunately is cold there yet. Parnu is an interesting city, but for summer…
Anyway, it was very nice to know the typical wooden houses and to go a walking in the Baltic beaches.
The curious thing that we did there was the mud bath, wich is very famous there, of course we found very young people doing this J.
After Parnu we follow to Tallinn, the famous medieval city.
And the city didn’t disappoint us. It’s very beautiful, with its old style buildings, walls, gates, towers. It’s difficult to describe the architecture, I suggest you to appreciate the photos.
It was nice to eat in a restaurant medieval style, with typical decoration and people dressed like in the middle ages.
The incredible thing that happened was that we were there just when a conflict between Russians and Estonians occurred.
All the problem was caused by a statue: The Bronze Soldier, that commemorates the Russian soldiers who died liberating the country from the Nazi. Of course for the Estonian people it signs the beginning of the Russian occupation).
The problem is that the Estonian government decided to remove it. In this way Russian nationalists began to protest and to make disorder.
And our hotel was just in the middle of the conflicts!!
Fortunately nothing happened with us, but it was very interesting to talk with persons from both sides to understand the point of views. And it’s nice when you go to a country and not see just tourist things, but you can understand a little bit more about its culture.
Other curious things that I have to mention are:
The tower Kiek in de Kok, with cannonballs embedded dating back to a failed invasion by Ivan the Terrible!
A public toilet that cost a lot of money (it was an information of an Estonian girl that we know there)
The house of the order of the Blackheads. The Brotherhood of Blackheads emerged in 1399. The name of the Brotherhood is associated with their patron, the black St. Mauritius, an early Christian martyr who died in Switzerland around 280-300 A.D. His The Brotherhood was active only in Estonia and Latvia, unknown in the rest of Europe.
The old building that was used to the KGB. The windows in the street level were closed with cement to prevent passing people to hear the tortures…
The 258 steps of the St’s Olaf church that we climb!

After Tallinn, the next Baltic city: Helsinki, see you in the next blog!!

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